Program Management Services

“Now I have the peace of mind that my home is safe and energy efficient for me and my daughter. (TRI staff) were wonderful to work with. I was always comfortable that I could go to them with any questions that I had.”
– Harwich CDBG participant

TRI believes being a proactive partner in local community development requires hard work and commitment beyond the scope of traditionally funded rehabilitation initiatives. In addition to work as housing rehab designers, managers and advocates, TRI serves as a comprehensive housing resource for South Eastern MA homeowners, municipalities and local non-profit agencies alike.

In addition to housing rehab and development expertise, TRI offers an extensive portfolio of management, design and consultative services available to communities and private housing development initiatives.

TRI's ability to provide exceptional program delivery stems from the relevant work experience, skills, and expertise of key staff assigned to housing rehab projects, recruitment of industry leading subcontractors to augment project efficiency and the agency's commitment to quality community development and the highest attainable standards of service.

Program Delivery Strengths